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framed shower screens melbourne

Our Framed Shower Screen range has been designed with both good looks and durability in mind.

Fully framed shower screens offer the perfect combination of style and practicality.

Our Framed Shower Screens are made to measure and our experienced
Shower Screen Installation Team ensure everything is installed safely and securely
....and we even clean up afterwards!


Fully framed shower screens are known as the ultimate family shower screen, providing style and durability no matter what the family throws at it, performing effortlessly, even in the bustling environment of busy households.

FlexiShowers framed shower screen doors are made-to-order, customised to your bathroom’s specific layout and measurements and available in pivot, sliding, fixed frame and wall to wall options.

framed sliding shower screen melbourne


Framed sliding shower screens have a space-saving design. Unlike swing doors, they slide effortlessly along tracks, requiring minimal floor space. Ideal for smaller bathrooms where space is limited.

A framed sliding shower screen offers easy accessibility with 2 or 3 door options.

The sturdy frame offers increased durability and allows for long-term, frequent use.

Framed sliding shower screens offer versatile design options. Choose from various frame finishes and glass styles that perfectly complement your bathroom decor.


Framed shower screen with full height shower door integrated door handle with magnetic seal

The sturdy frame offers increased durability and allows for long-term, frequent use.

Available in a variety of glass and frame colour options

The Integrity framed shower screen is completely enclosed so no external water spray

integrity framed shower screen melbourne
fixed shower screen panels


Single fixed panel shower screens can serve the purpose of dividing the bathroom into distinct zones, delineating the shower area from the toilet area. This versatile solution not only enhances functionality but also adds an aesthetic appeal to the overall bathroom design.

Our most accessibility friendly shower screen. Offering  a true roll in experience

Fixed panel shower screens offer a cost-effective solution to refresh your bathroom's appearance without the need for a full renovation. 

Available in a variety of glass and frame colour options


When it comes to creating beautiful bathrooms with a timeless aesthetic, our Framed Shower Screen range is the perfect choice.


With its stylish look and robust construction, this range has been designed to last for years to come. The sleek, strong frames are available in a variety of finishes to ensure they seamlessly blend into any bathroom design


Our Flexi Showers framed shower screens are perfect for anyone looking for a stylish and functional shower screen.

All of our screens come with a 12-month warranty,

so you can be sure you're getting the best possible product.

All our shower screens are proudly made right here in Australia in our Melbourne factory.

Our expert shower screen installation team will install your new shower screen for you, and they'll even give you some tips on how to keep it looking great - completely free of charge!

All Flexi Showers Screens are constructed using glass that is compliant with the Australian Safety Standard AS AS2208 and AS1288.


  • What is the difference between toughened and safety glass in a shower screen?
    When it comes to shower screens, there are two main types of glass that are commonly used: safety glass and toughened glass. Safety glass is designed to break into small pieces if it does shatter, making it less likely to cause any harm. Toughened glass, on the other hand, is much more resistant to breaking and can be used in areas where there is a greater risk of impact.
  • Can your hinged shower screen doors be customised?
    Absolutely, we love to tailor shower screen doors to perfectly suit your unique bathroom requirements. You can choose the size, height, type of glass (clear or frosted), and hardware finish to match your bathroom decor, and bathroom size. Flexi Showers hinged and pivot door shower screens are available in fully framed, integrity semi-frameless, Mirage semi-frameless or the Optima Semi-frameless shower screen . Our page about "customising your shower screen to fit your bathroom layout" might help
  • How thick should the glass be on a hinged shower screen
    The glass chosen for your hinged door shower screen varies depending on the style of frame chosen, or if your shower screen is one of our frameless designs. All Flexi Showers shower screens comply with Australian Safety Standards and can vary between 6 - 10 mm in toughened, laminated or safety glass depending on the type of shower screen you choose. Need help choosing your Sliding door shower screen? Check out our blog post of selecting and caring for your shower screen with sliding doors on our "Shower Screen Tips & Advice Page "
  • Do Flexi Showers, shower screens comply with Australian Standards?
    Yes, all our shower screens and bathroom mirrors (pre-made & custom made here in Melbourne) comply with the Australian Standards. Your safety is paramount to us.
  • How should I care for my shower screen once it's installed?
    Great question - we have covered this in one of our recent articles in our "Shower Screen Tips Blog" - you'll find plenty of tips, trick and hints about looking after your new sliding shower screen here
  • What is the difference between a fully framed and a frameless shower screen?
    A fully framed shower screen has an aluminum frame that goes around each pane of glass in the shower, framing everything- even the door. A frameless shower screen does not have a frame. The panes of glass are secured together with discreet channeling, hardware and hinges. In a semi-frameless shower screen, we use toughened glass which is custom manufactured off site. It has been cut to size, polished, and put through an intense heat process prior to delivery to us. This means it can no longer be cut or machined in any way. Semi- frameless means some edges of the glass are framed and others are exposed. Any exposed edges will have a safe smooth polished finish. ​ Fully framed shower screens offer more durability and stability, and offer greater water resistance, helping to keep your bathroom dry. Our fully framed shower screens use laminated glass which can be cut to size on site. Laminated glass must be framed to cover all edges.
  • I have a small bathroom - what's best? a hinged, pivot or sliding door for my shower screen?
    Sliding door shower screens are ideal for smaller bathrooms because they don't require as much clearance space as hinged or pivot shower screen doors. They simply slide along a track, making them a great space-saving option. To find out more see our post "SHOWER SCREEN IDEAS FOR SMALL BATHROOMS" in our shower screen tips adn advice section.
  • Do you fit shower screens anywhere in Melbourne?
    We install hinged and pivot shower screens across all areas of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs, so no matter where you're based, we can help you transform your bathroom space with a quality frameless or framed shower screen. For our full list of Melbourne suburbs click here and if you're not listed - just ask. Our team of professional shower screen installers criss-cross Melbourne everyday


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